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Historia EN

Theatre Akt was established in 1991 in Warsaw (Poland) and made up of professional mime actors.

Beginning with its first performance Theatre Akt tries to enrich the ordinary pantomime and bring it closer to the experience of the contemporary theatre
(?Death do not Tell Tales?, ?From The Darkness I Called? , ?Orestes?).

1992 ? ATheatre Akt expands its activity and creates the first pantomime fairy-tales for children ? being one of the very few theatre companies to do this sort of work of Poland. ?Where is Little Piu?? , ?Wind Tales? are warmly welcomed by children. From this moment Theatre Akt becomes a traveling troupe and starts to travel in Poland and abroad.

1992 ? 1994 ? the company inspired by the forms and ?poetry? of street theatre creates their first outdoor plays. Part of street performances call back the traditions of traveling comedy theatres, circus, commedia dell?arte. The performances are often based on the immediate contact with the audience and improvisation between the actors and the audience. This creative meeting of the imagination of the viewers and the actors originates new performances ?Ballad about a Giant? and ?Dump? as well as street parades and happenings.
The theatre members notice new possibilities for artistic expression and since the plays has been enthusiastically welcomed by its? street viewers ? Akt decides to prepare bigger street performances. The first one ?Perperuna? is a return to Slavic roots ( the myth of Perun- the God of fire ) ; ?Leviathan? transfers biblical myth about monster who brings people bad fortune into the modern world. The next performance is based on ?Brave lead Soldier? ? known fairy tale written by J. H. Andersen. ?Feniks? is a travel among the characters and ghosts of former Slavic and Poland. All performances combine elements of pantomime with the forms of street theatre (puppets, strange constructions, fire and pyrotechnical means, stilts ).

Other performances:

  • ?Chick -Stick? ? 2004
  • ?At Sea 44 l.p.? ? 2004
  • ?Icarus? ? 2005
  • ?Waste Land? by T.S.Elliot?s ? 2005
  • ?OR? ? 2006
  • ?Football Match? ? 2008
  • ?The Curator?s Dream? ? 2008

Theatre Akt has presented its work at many festivals in Poland and abroad. It has been recognized by critics and received many prizes and awards.