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Theatre Akt specializes in artistic setting of various special events: banquets, fairs, conferences, marketing meetings, presentations and promotion of products.

If we take part in your event it can become more interesting and funnier. We can turn it into an artistic happening.

We make events more interesting, to vary, enrich and loosen up the atmosphere. We make people smile.

We prepare ideas for each event separately, always basing on our artistic and pantomime abilities. We pay special attention to the visual and spectacular part of the happening. Original costumes and professional make-up help our charakters to be always interesting and reliable ones. The ideas of Theatre Akt have been used by many companies in Poland and abroad.

Usually we realize:

– pantomime etudes
– comic scenes
– improvisation among guests
– acting for children
– stilt acts
– happenings
– frozen pictures
– fire shows
– open air shows
– shadow theatre