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TRAVELLERS in Hungary again

On June the 28th, we will perform „Travellers” in the Hungarian town of Kecskemet, near Budapest, during the Street Food, Street Art and Wine Festival. This is the second trip of our theater to Hungary this month. The show starts at 6:00 p.m.!

TRAVELLERS go to VeNegy Festival in Hungary

VeNegy Festival is a large, three-day music event, taking place for the 10th time in the town of Nagymaros in Hungary. As a part of accompanying events, many theater shows are also held there. Our theater is invited to participate in this year’s edition of the festival. We will play „Travelers” twice on June 20 at 7:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

„Phantoms” in Presov

We are opening this year’s outdoor performances season in Slovakia! Teatr Akt is invited to the 58th edition of the International Academic Festival in Presov! We will perform the „Phantoms” show on the 23rd of April, 2024 at 8 p.m. in front of the Jonas Zaborske Theater.

The outdoor performance inspired by the novel „Solaris” by Stanisław Lem is a theatrical variation based on the motifs, ideas and, above all, images presented in the work. It is a no words performance, based on physical theater, visual images and a new circus. In a very synthetic formula, our theater included many original staging ideas, collective scenes with unusual use of props, group choreographies and acrobatics on the Chinese pole, as well as suggestive video animations and music with a modern, spatial sound performed live by the author Dominik Strycharski.

The performance was directed by Agnieszka and Tomasz Musiałowicz. The premiere took place in 2019 in Warsaw.

Sermuksnis Festival / Lithuania

Teatr Akt is invited to take place in the International Theatre Festival in Lithuania. The show „Flame” / „Ja gore” will be presented 3 times:

? 6.07.2023 – 22:30 – Priekule,
? 7.07.2023 – 21:30 – Klaipeda / Jonas Hill,
? 8.07.2023 – 22:00 – Klaipeda / Jonas Hill,

Chick-Stick in Teatr Akt

The most lively spectacle of the Act will be presented in the Courtyard at 9 Łaziebna Street as part of the Theater on the Outskirts.

Chick-Stick – June 16th, 2023 21.00 – Teatr Akt

The play tells the story of finding the joy of life in the prosaic events of everyday life in a funny and perverse way. It is a light, sentimental story, which consists of humorous scenes and spectacular performances, an example of classic street art, rich in the play of fire, lights, good music and fast-paced action. Fire animation, expressive dance, colorful and dynamic images are interspersed with scenes showing a bit of nostalgia that appears with every well-lived moment. The performance is equally well received at prestigious theater festivals and in small towns. As in most performances, the actors of Teatr Akt use the universal language of the body, gestures and facial expressions.
Directed by Ambroży Pogorzelski
Featuring – Agnieszka Musiałowicz, Karolina Banaszek, Marek Kowalski, Tomasz Musiałowicz, Janusz Porębski, Krzysztof Skarżyński
Lighting by Adam Sztorc
Free entrance
The performance was created with the own funds of Teatr Akt.
Premiered 2005

Presented as part of the Theater on the Outskirts co-financed by the Capital City of Warsaw.

H.C. Andersen Festivals in August

Teatr Akt has been invited to take part at the main program of the H.C. Andersen Festivals in Odense / Denmark.  „Beyond Time” show will be presented  5 times, on the 21st – 25th of August,  in Eventyrhaven, Klingenberg 19A, at 21.00 o’clock. You are welcome!


Teatr Akt’s performances in Odense are co-finaced by the City of Warsaw.



White Night Tel Aviv

Teatr Akt will perform during Performance Europa at White Night Tel Aviv on the 28th of June at 8 pm with the show Ja gore!


Teatr Akt on SIBFEST!

Teatr Akt performs Travelers during SIBFEST on 12th of June at 18, 20 and 13th at 19, 21! This is a huge festival, one of the biggest in Europe, organized in wonderful romanian town Sibiu.


First shows in May


On 13th of May we invite you on the first open air shows of Teatr Akt in Warsaw. We start at 15.00 with stilt act 'Butterflies” and finish at 20.00 with funny fire show „Chick-Stick”. The event takes place in Park Polinskiego, Szaserow street.

Planet of roses – premiere


A new performance „Planet of roses” based on the motives of „The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery will be performed in Teatr Akt on: 15.12.2016 – 20.00, 16.12.2016 – 19.00, 17.12.2016 – 19.00, 18.12.2016 – 20.00. Tickets in price of 20 zl will be sold before the shows.



On the 21-23th of July Teatr Akt will perform 5 shows „Ja Gore” in Linz/Austria during Pflasterspektakel Festival.



On the 17th of July, Teatr Akt will take part in Mittelfest Festival in Cividale del Friuli/Italy as a part of Teatro del Fuoco project.


Italia, Amore mio – Tokyo

On the 28-29th of May, Teatr Akt performed during „Italia, amore mio” fairs in Tokyo / Roppongi Hills, representing Teatro Del Fuoco company from Sicily. Pantomime and aerial show was prepared especially for this occasion.

Gevleugelde Stad Ieper 2016

On 8-9 of April we performed in Belgium, during Gevleugelde Stad Ieper Festival. Beyond Time and Travellers  were very well received by the audience.


Teatr Akt in Ieper


On 8-10th of April 2016, Teatr Akt will perform during De Gevleugelde Stad Ieper / City of Wings Ypres in Belgium: Beyond Time / street show, and Travellers / walking act.

Project co-financed by the City of Warsaw