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Beyond Time

A symbolic journey into time and space, leading us into the unknown, the innermost recesses of our imagination. Each day we unconsciously embark upon this metaphorical search for values and the meaning of existence. While travelling we experience, become familiar with, and overcome weaknesses, and subsequently never remain the same. A confrontation of new experiences and reflections on the passage of time. A journey beyond time is a moment when we may pause and notice the other person next to us.

A fantastic tale retained in the picturesque steampunk style, a combination of retro currents and science fiction. The physical theatre, pantomime, dance, and elements of new circus (German wheel, aerial circle), combined with music played live, create a highly expressive spectacle.

Direction – Agnieszka Musialowicz and team

Scenery ? Tomasz Musialowicz, Hektor Werios

Costumes, production – Akt Theatre

Music ? Dominik Strycharski, Grzegorz Szyma

Travelling team ? 11 artists
8 actors, 2 musician, 1 technician