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The show is based on a famous novel by the polish writer Stanislaw Lem ?Solaris?. It is derived from a science fiction trend but first of all the story gives a chance for psychological considerations about the condition of modern man, dreaming about space travel and conquering galaxies.

„We set off into space, prepared for everything (…). We don’t say it out of modesty, but sometimes we think we are great. Meanwhile, this is not all, and our readiness turns out to be a pose. We do not want to gain space, we only need to expand the Earth to its borders (…). We don’t need other worlds. We need mirrors. We don’t know what to do with other worlds. Just this one and we are choking?. Stanislaw Lem,” Solaris „

The plot of the novel is conducted on two parallel levels: a romantic love story and a philosophical story in the face of an encounter with the unknown, thinking Ocean. In both cases, interpersonal and interspecific relationships, a person shows a lack of ability to make real contact. The topic of space travel, meetings and attempts to make contact with aliens, which is still valid and stimulating the imagination, is combined with reflections on the human condition, his fears and problems in relations with other people.

Akt Theatre only touches Lem’s novel, in no way tells it, creates its own story, based on motives, ideas, and above all images wandering in the work. Artists extract spaces hidden between words, approach the subject with distance and gentle distraction.

No words, physical theater, mime and elements of new circus (chinese pole) in conjunction with energetic live music and video projections create a very expressive spectacle.

Direction – Agnieszka and Tomasz Musialowicz

Scenery ? Roman Wozniak

Costumes ? Anna Rudzinska-Bok and Akt Theatre

Music ? Dominik Strycharski

Video Projections ? Szymon Cieślak, Maciej Białek, Jakub Musiałowicz

Travelling team ? 11 artists
8 actors
1 musician
2 technician