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Chick Stick

The performance in a funny and perverse way tells about finding joy of life in prosaic events of everyday life. It is a light and a bit sentimental show for every spectator. A surprising time travel.

Animation of fire, expressive dance, colorful and dynamic images alternate with the scenes, which are arousing a little nostalgia appearing with every worthwhile moment of life. This is an example of classical street theatre with a brisk pace action.
Short synopses: 4 old gentelmen meet in the street and after a few funny episodes resulting from their age, they start a metaphor travel through time. They meet 2 girl friends from the youth and thanks for their charm, 4 men, unexpectedly, get younger, stronger and full of power. This is an unusuall adventure for our heros, even if it happens only in their dream. Past, present and future mix and nobody can judge the sense and value of different times. Joy of life and openness occure to be the essence of existing.

As in most of the performances, actors of Akt Theatre use universal language of the body, gestures and mime in the comic style. It is also a kind of non-standard fire show.

Direction, scenery, choreography – Akt Theatre

Coordinator ? Agnieszka Musialowicz

6 actors, 1 technician

?Optimistic and wistful feeling, a little bit in the type of „Amelie” left Akt Theatre, who presented „Chick-Stick”. The title, many suggest, proved to be a hot story, which mixes time and reality. Frantically fast wore in pre-war clothes men meet women in modern pink wigs. The performance brought the audience in a mood conducive to commencing the weekend then (Warsaw ? The Street Art Festival)

Ewa Hevelke
Nowa Sila Krytyczna

„As usual, the performance was great and even the rain could not prevent great fun.”
Julia Szewielow, Wiadomosci 24

„And then there was Chick-Stick. But I will not write too much, not to spoil the fun to anyone. If you just happen, to someone who reads these words, to be able to – necessarily go for the spectacle ! A long time I do not laugh so much. Almost rolling about with laughter, is not it happened to me since I do not remember-how-long. „