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Kalos Kaghatos


A street show taking place at the intersection of two fields: theater and sport.

The idea behind the performance is to show the phenomenon of the game, common to art and sport, thanks to which we can move to a different reality, look for new spaces. The game is characterized by confrontation with reality, so characteristic of street theater and football.

The Akt Theater in its open-air performance „Kalos kaghatos” reaches back to the ancient tradition of combining artistic and sports performances. The ancient Greek cultural pattern kalos kaghatos / beautiful and good / realizes the ideal of a man characterized by a harmonious fullness of the advantages of the soul and body. It was not only winning that counted, but moral attitude – struggling not only with rivals, but also with one’s own weaknesses.
The design of the performance meets social expectations and combines quite distant environments / sports and art /. It will break the barriers between the seemingly distant fields of human activity, bring them closer together and change the perception: sport can be art, art for sport’s sake. In the sphere of means of expression, it will be a combination of various fields of artistic expression / street theater with elements of pantomime and theater of movement, dance, video art, fine arts, enriched with theatrical forms of football activity /.

The direct inspiration for the spectacle are scenes from the football field, transformed into a theatrical vision.

Fragments of football training and match events have been modified according to the methods used by the theater of movement and dance. The figures of footballers, fans, and referees are the starting point for reflections on the physical and mental condition of man, and also show the phenomenon of football as a means of communication between people.

The performance „Kalos kaghatos” about the most popular sports discipline in Poland will intensify emotions, show the players’ efforts in a slightly wider cultural dimension and verify the validity of A. Camus’s sentence „Everything I know for sure about morality and human duties, I owe to football.”